descriptiontravel diary for FSO phones in python GTK
ownerChristian Rüb
last changeWed, 13 Jan 2010 17:47:49 +0000
2010-01-13 Christian Rübcorrect gpx creation master
2010-01-12 Christian Rübset LC_TIME to C, to produce RFC 2822 compliant timestring
2009-08-15 Christian Rübremoved useless uses
2009-08-15 Christian Rübadded script to convert diary to gpx
2009-07-06 Christian Rübset status messages on successful send
2009-07-06 Christian Rübbash is needed
2009-07-05 Christian RübMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-07-05 Christian Rübcomment about password storage
2009-07-05 Christian Rübadded example Perl CGIs to handle upload and kml creation
2009-07-05 Christian Rübadded example send script
2009-06-26 Christian Rübsettings bug fixed; log local time in RFC 2822 format
2009-06-22 Christian Rübadded icon
2009-06-21 Christian Rübmake statusbar remove message when we have GPS fix
2009-06-18 Christian Rübcorrection in remember/auto update toggle
2009-06-18 Christian Rübshow delimiter in settings; more checking in settings
2009-06-18 Christian Rübalso request CPU when GPS requested
6 years ago master