descriptiontiny program to talk to navit via dbus
ownerChristian Rüb
last changeFri, 1 Jan 2010 21:35:32 +0000
2010-01-01 Christian Rübadded flick support master
2010-01-01 Christian Rübuse new navit dbus interface
2009-08-25 Christian Rübautoload bookmarks on start if bookmarks.csv found
2009-08-24 Christian Rübswitched to landscape layout
2009-08-23 Christian Rübminor UI tweaks
2009-08-23 Christian Rübautoregister navit, hide coords box
2009-08-23 Christian Rübadded copyright file
2009-08-22 Christian Rübmake use of status bar
2009-08-22 Christian Rübstylesheet; more debug output, window name set
2009-08-22 Christian Rübworkaround for QT < 4.5
2009-08-21 Christian Rüb(multiple) file loading and list clearing added
2009-08-19 Christian Rübadded CSV reading
2009-08-18 Christian Rübcreated bookmark model and tableview
2009-08-17 Christian Rübregistering with navit works
2009-08-16 Christian Rübdoes not work but this is how it is intended to work...
2009-08-16 Christian Rübinitial commit
6 years ago master